1Outdoor Expo to be held on Saturday, December 9 at Mishima City Rakujyuen, the site of the player registration.


Date/Time:December 9 (Sat) 9:00-16:00

Venue:Mishima City Park Rakujyuen

Number of exhibitors:21


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A1. Beard Beer (Craft Beer, Food & Beverage)

Baird Beer, the official beer of ITJ, which produces craft beer in Izu City, opened a store following last year! And what's more, a second Baird Beer antenna store will open in Mishima City, the EXPO venue, on December 7, within walking distance from Mishima Station!



A2. ITJBASEShuzenji (Official shop/Ore ha ingest)

The official ITJ store will open as ITJBASE Shuzenji, a guesthouse/cafe based on the concept of ITJ that opened last year in Shuzenji Onsen, the finishing point of the event. We are looking forward to welcoming you with a variety of new products, including the new ITJT shirts that are very popular!


A3. ESS (sunglasses)

ESS, the course producer of this event, will be supporting professional trail runner Takeshi Kaburaki, who will be offering the best eyewear for trail runners, and will be holding a fitting and sales event.

Kaburaki will also give a talk show and sign autographs at the ESS booth.

Date: 12/9 (Sat.) Athletes' Reception and Outdoor Expo (Rakujyuen, Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture) in front of the ESS booth.

Time: 1st part: 13:00-13:30, 2nd part: 15:00-15:30


A4.Acom (trail running and hiking gear)

First time to open a store at ITJ! The store will sell RaidLight, a French brand specializing in trail running, THY, a German running gear brand, and Simply Wonderful, a private brand for ultralight (U.L.) hikers!



A5. Maruhachi Muramatsu (Namaribushi, Dashi)

This seasoning manufacturer is located in Yaizu City, a fish town on the other side of Suruga Bay from the Izu Peninsula. Every year, their Namaribushi and Dashi (Japanese soup stock) are very popular. Please try their products as Shizuoka souvenirs!


A6.SANKAKU STAND (outdoor-related)

The popular outdoor store run by mountaineering YouTuber Mojamaru in front of Shuzenji Station will be open again this year! Although the focus is on hiking, there are also shoes and gear for trail running, so trail runners will also find an interesting selection. If you are visiting Shuzenji Station, please stop by the store as well.


A7. GROUNDROOf (running gear)

Fuji and Hakone, this running store is located in Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture and is frequented by local trail runners. We are sure they are familiar with trails in the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture, so please ask them about it!


A8.MANABAR (Energy Bar)

A gluten-free energy bar from Kamakura made of oats, familiar to ITJ70k contestants. It will be served at the ITJ70k aid stations and is also available at ITJBASEShuzenji. We hope you will try it!


B1.Topo Athletic (sports shoes)

Topo Athletic offers natural ease of movement and lifelong wellness. We create products that help you move forward, challenge yourself, and keep moving. We celebrate runners who win races and set new records. But at the same time, we make products for people who run every day, regardless of the weather, their running speed, their fitness, or their mood. We believe that being able to move freely and comfortably tomorrow is what matters. 


B2. OLENO (sports socks, arm sleeves)

A sports socks brand operated by Showa Modaiko Co. ULTIMET," the strongest sports socks that support runners' running, and other products are very popular! This year, for the first time, a new arm sleeve was created in collaboration with ITJ! 


B3. PAAGO WORKS (outdoor sack)

All RUSH series products will be on display and for sale, and fitting and repair services will be provided. We will also conduct a "RUSH Feedback Questionnaire" to ask for your feedback on how the products are used and what you would like to see in them. Please let us know what you think.

B4. Solaseed Air (PR for routes & soup tasting)

Solaseed Air will be giving away Solaseed Air goods to those who fill out a questionnaire at the booth, and will also offer soup tasting. In addition, all ITJ70k and AA28k competitors will be entered into a drawing for a round-trip ticket to the destination of their choice. The drawing will be held during ITJ LIVE from 19:00 on 12/17.


B5. Medalist (health drinks, energy gels, etc.)

This year again, Medalist granules (mixed with water) are provided at the A3 Doi parking lot, and since ITJ does not provide sports drinks, please make your own preparations here.


B6. ALTRA (sports shoes)

Shoes that allow you to naturally acquire the correct running form.



Japan's first recovery sandal brand. They gently wrap tired feet and promote recovery.


B8. BRING (T-shirt recycling)

BRING is a brand that collects and recycles clothes to make clothes again. This time, in collaboration with THE NORTH FACE, we will collect T-shirts at the venue and provide printing service of ITJ's logo on BRING products at any place you like.



In addition to exhibiting THE NORTH FACE products, etc., a T-shirt collection booth will be set up. Please bring your unwanted T-shirts.


B10. Sakaiya sports (sports store)

A wide range of products are available, including Sakaiya Sports-san must-have items that attract many visitors every year. We also plan to open a stall at Matsuzaki New Port at the start of the event. 



B11. New-HALE (taping)

Trail runners are familiar with New-HALE, a local Shizuoka Prefecture manufacturer! Contact us for taping services. We will also be exhibiting at Matsuzaki New Port at the start of the race!



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